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2012 Showcase: Castle Lite


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Spotlight on innovation

Castle Lite Blue Liner and Twist-off Perforated Foil A1 Poster
Production Date
July 2012

Retail Environment

Placement in specialist liquor warehouses, off-premises and on-premises stores, taverns.

How Fishwicks achieved the clients marketing objective

The objective of this campaign was to encourage consumer awareness of the new features of the Castle Lite Bottle - the lock-in cold cap with foil perforation that facilitates the easy and clean opening of the screw cap as well as the lock in cold refreshment.

The poster demonstrated these value-adds, by incorporating a motor that moved the bottle cap pop-out up and down from the top of the bottle, revealing a clean foil perforation of the cap. The poster also incorporated an LED flasher that highlights the word “New”, drawing the consumers attention to the New Cold Blue Refreshment Cap payoff line.

The poster had multiple applications for various target retail environments. It could be displayed in existing onsite snapper frames, attached via cable ties to serving hatches in an informal environment or be displayed as a self-standing poster, using the pre-attached cardboard strut.

Materials and construction processes used in manufacturing

Paper, Board, Plastic, LED, Electronic Motor, Crank.

Combined the use of print, cardboard engineering and use of motorised mechanism and LED. The poster was printed 4 colours and laminated onto board. Cardboard strut, LED, motor and crank attached.

Media tie-in

This was part of a campaign that incorporated print, TV and other POS to increase brand awareness around the new value-adds of the Castle Lite Packaging.