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2012 Showcase: Hansa Pilsner


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Spotlight on Innovation

The Special Ingredient for Legendary Summer - Hansa Pilsner Self Errecting Display Table.
Production Date
September  2011

Retail Environment


How Fishwicks Achieved the Clients Marketing Objective

The objective of this campaign was to increase brand awareness and sales of Hansa Pilsner in taverns. A self erecting table was produced as an interactive unit to encourage the consumer to purchase more beer. 

The theme of this campaign was local music.  Consumers were encouraged to buy a beer and then approach the table tended by a brand ambassador. The consumer placed the beer on an allocated spot on the table. The brand ambassador handed the consumer a set of head phones, and with the aid of a sound unit in the table 1 of 3 local songs played to the consumer. The sound activated an LED circuit placed at 4 positions on the table associated with 3 prizes that could be won by the consumer, plus one 'come back and try again' message.

When the song completed the LED circuit would stop at 1 of the 4 positions, the consumer either winning a prize or being encouraged to go away, buy another beer and return to try their luck again.

All units produced were placed.

Materials and Construction Processes Used in Manufacturing

Paper, Board, LED, Sound Unit. Combined the use of print, cardboard enginering and use of sound unit and LED circuit. 

Media Tie-in

Part of a national promotion that followed the same theme.