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2013 Showcase: Hansa


View the Hansa Award video clips below:


Spotlight on Innovation

Silver Award

Hansa Cooler Box Display

Production Date

October 2012

Retail Environment

Placement in specialist liquor warehouses, off-premises and on-premises stores, taverns

How Fishwicks Achieved the Clients Marketing Objective

The objective of this campaign was to encourage consumers to purchase a 12 pack of Hansa Pilsner, and receive an entry card to stand a chance to win a Chill Kit that was contained within the cooler box display.

An entry box slot was placed in the unit, to deposit the entry form.

The entry card contained a specific numerical code, that the consumer would enter onto the key pad on the top left hand side of the unit.

If the code was a winning number, the LED screen would indicated open and the consumer could open the unit and take out the prize. If the code of was a loosing code, the display would indicate closed and if the consumer attempted to open the box, an alarm would sound alerting the Brand ambassadors to the fact.

All units produced were placed.

Materials and Construction Processes Used in Manufacturing

Paper, Board, Acetate, LED display, Keypad, sound activation, 

Combined the use of print, cardboard enginering and use of  LED and sound. The display was printed 4 colours and laminated onto board.  

Media Tie-in

This was part of a campaign that incorporated print, TV and other POS to increase purchase of Hansa Pilsner 12-Packs